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DTT - Dimple Tube Technology swirls the coolant within the radiator to increase thermal transfer.
12cm Motorsports Radiator - an all-aluminum radiator featuring expanded outer fins and tube style for maximum performance.
Low noise fan: Dual12cm silent fan(1300~2400 RPM).
User-friendly Quick Install Connectors are simple to install and saves valuable time.

12cm VR Fan Quick Install Connector
Tool-less Connector Louvered Fin

Connect Big Water 735 with Armor Case
Combine with iTube series (the tube is sold separately)
Combine with the iTube series (product sold separately) There are two sizes of the UV tubing, 1/4" and 3/8" ,that can easily fit into your liquid cooling system. Please visit our website at www.thermaltake.com

Dimple Tube Technology
  This new technology outperforms the traditional radiators. The advanced design utilizes dimpled tubes to create vortex and swirl of the coolant within the radiator. Combined with the high fin density of louvered fins, the Dimple Tube Technology greatly enhances the performance of the radiator.
  TMG (Thermal Maximum Grade) is motivated by the very core value of Thermaltake, the pursuit of highest quality, performance and reliability. It is the thermal solution designed with motor-sports radiator technology and is dedicated to the most extreme enthusiasts or professionals. TMG Series products carry the breed of excellence which can be found on their exquisite design and dynamic performance; the relentless pursuit of perfection from Thermaltake engineers and unwavering commitment to your expectation.


120 mm Radiator
Dimensions  153(L) x 120(W) x 28(H) mm
Material Aluminum
Tube Design Aluminum, Dimple
Fin Design Aluminum, Louvered
Quick install connector For 6.4mm ID (1/4”) tubing
For 9.5mm ID (3/8”) tubing
Total Weight 530(g)

120 mm Fan
Fan Dimension 120(L) x 120(w) x 35(H) mm
Fan Speed 1300~2400 RPM
Rated Voltage 12V
Max. Air Flow 38.6CFM~93.7CFM
Noise 16 dB
Bearing Type Sleeve
Life Expectancy 30,000 hr
Connector 4pin

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