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Find all latest news from Thermaltake at this area. Visit us frenquently to get the most update information.

08/2007 Come and visit Thermaltake @ GITEX 2007
08/2007 Cool Your Hard Disk Down ~ TMG HD1
08/2007 Thermaltake shows the world famous Tt racing spirit again at the Dragon Boat Racing 2007 in Netherlands
08/2007 The most silent patented design 140mm Fan Power Supply in the market
08/2007 Intelligent removable hard drive tray - Max4 3.5 SATA HDD Rack
08/2007 WCG & Thermaltake host online tournament at WCGZone
07/2007 Soprano family joined new fresh blood - The Soprano FX
07/2007 Thermaltake Toughpower Online Campaign
07/2007 Store all the precious moment- Muse R-Duo RAID
07/2007 Hand-made premium luxury chassis, SwordM
07/2007 Home entertainment center- Muse X-Duo RAID
07/2007 Litepower 400W – The Foundation of Personal Computer
06/2007 Life and Music with the Mozart iP – The first chassis with iPod integration for multimedia computers
06/2007 Simple Design, Loaded with features ~ SopranoRS 101 / WingRS 100 / WingRS 101  
06/2007 Perfect Presentation of Fashion and Functionality ~ SopranoRS 100 / SwingRS 100  
06/2007 New Notebook Cooling Direction- Thermaltake NBcool Series
06/2007 Computex 2007 New Product Release: BigWater 760i vs. Dual ATi Radeon HD 2900 XT / nVIDIA GeForce 8800GTX
06/2007 Computex 2007 New Product Release: Hand-made premium luxury chassis, SwordM
06/2007 Computex 2007 New Product Release: DuOrb Cool More! - Thermaltake High Performance VGA Cooler
06/2007 Computex 2007 New Product Release: TMG AT4, the world’s first VGA Waterblock for ATi Radeon HD 2900 XT
05/2007 Computex 2007 New Product Release: Future of Liquid Cooling: Big Water 760i
05/2007 Come and visit Thermaltake at Computex 2007
05/2007 Designed for the hard-core gaming enthusiast:Flare Pad and Flare Board
05/2007 Thermatlake TR2 RX 140mm Fan Power Supply Series
05/2007 Handy Storage with Refined Esthetics - Max4 2.5" eSATA & USB combo
04/2007 Grand opening of Thermaltake Flagship Demo Center!
04/2007 Thermaltake TMG ND4 – World’s First Water Cooling Solution for nVIDIA 8800 GTX
04/2007 Cool Your nVIDIA 8800GTS / GTX with Thermaltake TMG ND
04/2007 Enthusiast Cooler with Style – BlueOrb FX
04/2007 Alternating varied and dazzling fan for your precious case- Cyclo series Fan
03/2007 Power And Beauty – The Ultimate Small Form Factor Chassis:LANBOX Lite
03/2007 Mini Chassis with Superb Media
03/2007 Thermaltake “Enthusiast Cooler with Style” online campaign
03/2007 nVIDIA Certifies Thermaltake Armor as SLI Ready Full Tower Case
03/2007 CeBIT New Product Release: Thermaltake release the Flagship CPU Cooler--MaxOrb
03/2007 CeBIT New Product Release: The Fusion of performance, silence and appearance – V1 CPU Cooler
03/2007 Visit Thermaltake at CeBIT 2007
02/2007 Toughpower 1000W/1200W – The Extreme of  Power Supply
02/2007 Thermaltake at CeBIT 2007
02/2007 Revolutionary Fanless Notebook Cooling Pad – iXoft
01/2007 High performance 17” Wide-Screen Notebook Cooler — Thermaltake Taichi M+
01/2007 H2k.Thermaltake” wins 2nd place in CPL Nordic 2006
01/2007 Thermaltake Presents the New Heatpipe Memory Cooler – Spirit RS
01/2007 TT LIFE Online Magazine is Ready to be Clicked
01/2007 Bach VX - The Charm of the Ordinary
01/2007 Soprano DX - The Curve that Tingles Your Heart
01/2007 Thermaltake introduces Bach Vx and Soprano Dx in 2007 International CES
12/2006 Thermaltake Launches Pure power RX Series High-Performance & Ultra-Low Noise Power Supply With 140mm Fan
12/2006 The must have of case Fan— iFlash12+
11/2006 World’s First AMD Quad FX Platform Ready Chassis from Thermaltake 
11/2006 Silent Power Solution - Fusion of Fanless Cooling System and Active Cooling System
11/2006 Quality Life Starts with Silence ~ Thermaltake TMG series Coolers
10/2006 Thermaltake USA praises with award on 8th annual National Award of outstanding small and medium enterprises
10/2006 Come to Visit Thermaltake @ WCG 2006
10/2006 Thermaltake Launches "Key 3 Spirit" in WCG 2006 Grand Final at Monza Italy
10/2006 The Must Have of Quad Graphic Card System –Thermaltake Toughpower 850W series
10/2006 The Quiet Orb Series –Thermaltake Ruby Orb
09/2006 The trendiest Portable External Liquid Cooling System – Thermaltake Tribe VX
09/2006 FREE AMD FX CPU give away on Tt LANBOX website
09/2006 Muse LanDisk—the Fastest Way to Network Stor
09/2006 New generation of All-in-one water-blcok –Thermaltake Volcano 4008 Heat Exchanger
09/2006 Enjoy your ZERO dB life with Orchestra, the Fanless External Liquid Cooling System by Thermaltake
09/2006 Simply Classy – the Soprano VX Chassis
08/2006 Tt, the Official Hardware Supplier of WCG 2006 Grand Final Tournament PC
08/2006 The World’s First Free Standing Home Entertainment Center
07/2006 nVIDIA Certifies 5 Thermaltake PSU
07/2006 Thermaltake presents a new DDR memory modular cooler-Cyclo
07/2006 Thermaltake releases the powerful Home Network Storage solution-Muse NAS-RAID
07/2006 Thermaltake Muse OTB2.5 the world 1st one touch backup 2.5" eSATA & USB combo enclosure
07/2006 ATI Certifies 6 Thermaltake PSU
07/2006 The Unbeatable Racing Level Thermal Technology-Tt Aqua T.M.G. Series
06/2006 Thermaltake Bach SX BTX Multimedia Chassis with silent CPU thermal solution built-in
06/2006 Thermaltake announces the Intelligent Fan Controller - Hardcano 12SE
06/2006 Slimmer than You Can Imagine Thermaltake’s Multimedia Mozart SX Chassis
06/2006 Thermaltake Computex 2006
06/2006 Embrace the Future – Thermaltake Armor LCS Chassis
06/2006 The Evolutionary Chassis – Thermaltake Kandalf Liquid Cooling System
05/2006 A brand-new upgade component to alarm your LCS for liquid level and temp
05/2006 Thermaltake releases a brand-new upgade component to alarm your LCS for liquid level and temp with pump
05/2006 New AMD socket AM2 cooler offered by Thermaltake
05/2006 Performance is measurable ! Thermaltake presents the Ultra-Quiet Heatsink – TR2 R1 for Socket AM2
05/2006 Want a FREE Mozart TX Thermaltake Case?
05/2006 Connecting everyone –Thermaltake Muse LanDisk External Enclosure
05/2006 Extreme Speed of the Graceful Aluminum Screwless Shape – Thermaltake Muse eSATA & USB2.0 Combo
05/2006 Thermaltake @ CTS 2006 in UK
05/2006 Slimer and utilizes less space-Symphony mini-External Liquid Cooling System
05/2006 Thermaltake release the New Northbridge Cooler - Extreme Spirit II  
05/2006 Thermaltake announces the Aqua Brazing all-copper waterblocks, the best choice for the liquid cooling system
04/2006 Thermaltake Chassis Aguila - the perfect combination
04/2006 The Dream-like Mid-Tower Creation - Thermaltake Chassis Armor Jr
03/2006 Thermaltake releases the Toughpower 14cm fan high performance power supply series
03/2006 The world's first VGA liquid cooling module compatible with nVIDIA SLi and ATI CrossFire dual video cards
03/2006 nVIDIA Certifies World’s First Dual Graphic Card PSU
03/2006 The Power Station Mini Box from Thermaltake brings everyone a world of convenience and expandability 
03/2006 Thermaltake releases the liquid cooling system for hard disk drives – AquaBay M4 
03/2006 Thermaltake Goes to Hollywood
03/2006 Upgrading your Armor & Kandalf Chassis by Tt's newly side panel with 25cm Fan
03/2006 Thermaltake releases the world’s first patent design power supply for the high-performance graphic cards
02/2006 Thermaltake preents the high-precision aluminum allow mouse pad, targeting performance gamers. 
02/2006 Thermaltake Matrix VX - The Birth of a True LAN Party Chassis
02/2006 The Simple Chassis with a Personality – Thermaltake Chassis MATRIX
02/2006 Thermaltake announces the mobile home server chassis - Eureka
02/2006 Thermaltake Big Water 745, a liquid cooling system that will maximize its performance under any extreme conditions.
02/2006 Thermaltake Big Water 735, the first liquid cooling system to support both ATX and BTX motherboards.
01/2006 Thermaltake announces the multipurpose laptop cooler - Tai-Chi M
01/2006 Thermaltake presents the visually stunning iFlash Mini fan
01/2006 Thermaltake launches the newly Hard Drive Cooler - Hardcano 14
01/2006 Thermaltake releases the new attention-grabbing fan - iFlash 12
01/2006 All New Built-In CD-RW/DVD ROM Combo Drive in a Luxurious Chassis - Tt Eclipse DV
01/2006 Thermaltake dazzles Las Vegas with its Newest Products.
01/2006 Tt global web page available now
01/2006 Thermaltake announces the new TWV 500W ATX Power Supply

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