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With superb architecture design and all copper structure, V1 refreshs the cooling definition.

2U drive bay computer liquid cooling system.

Active Cooling eSATA & USB2.0 Combo enclosure -Application for 3.5" SATA HDD...

By embedding 6 independent channel heatpipes, the MaxOrb provides swift heat transfer and more.


[2007-08-23] The legend continues, Xaser VI continues the tradition of high performance structure, user friendly features, and outstanding appearance. Its removable sliding hood is perfect for liquid cooling system maintenance.

[2007-08-23] Armor +, the next generation gaming case with 10 PCI slots, is specially designed for liquid cooling configured system, plus removable MB tray and independent thermal solution for HDD, CPU and VGA card.



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[2007-08-29] Thermaltake shows the world famous Tt racing spirit again at the Dragon Boat Racing 2007 in Netherlands.

[2007-08-02] Thermaltake, WCG 2007 Official Sponsor, host online tournament at WCGZone for StarCraft and FIFA 07 SOCCER.

[2007-07-05] RSS service now is launched by Thermaltake. From now on you can easily grab our latest news through the RSS feed. Find the icon on the left side of “What’s New” banner and take everything!

[2007-06-21] Mid Tower series SopranoRS 101 / WingRS 100 / WingRS 101. Simple design, loaded with features... <more>

[2007-06-21] Full Tower series SopranoRS 100 / SwingRS 100. Perfect presentation of fashion and functionality... <more>

[2007-06-15] New Notebook Cooling Direction- Thermaltake NBcool Series... <more>

[2007-06-15] DuOrb Cool More! Thermaltake high performance VGA cooler! The unique figure 8 design is the first impression the DuOrb makes ... <more>

[2007-06-04] Computex 2007 New Product Release: TMG AT4, the world’s first VGA Waterblock for ATi Radeon HD 2900 XT ... <more>

[2007-05-28] Enjoy Silence and Efficiency; Enjoy the New TR2 RX 140mm Fan Power Supply Series! ... <more>

[2007-05-14] Designed for the hard-core gaming enthusiast:Flare Pad and Flare Board!... <more>

[2007-05-14] Cool Your nVIDIA 8800GTS / GTX with Thermaltake TMG ND5... <more>

[2007-04-30] Grand opening of Thermaltake Flagship Demo Center!... <more>

[2007-04-14] Chinese fan takes on Korean wheel in copper cooler contest... <more>

[2007-04-12] Themaltake Live Video at CeBIT 2007!.... <more>

[2007-04-12] nVIDIA Certifies Thermaltake Armor as SLI Ready Full Tower Case!.... <more>

[2007-03-14] CeBIT New Product Release:
The Fusion of performance, silence and appearance - V1 CPU Cooler.... <more>

[2007-03-14] CeBIT New Product Release:
Thermaltake release the Flagship CPU Cooler -- MaxOrb.... <more>

[2007-02-12] iXoft, the Revolutionary Fanless Design 15" Cooling Pad....<more>

[2007-02-06] The world’s first VGA Waterblock for nVidia 8800!...<more>

[2007-01-26] Watch it comfortably, do it effortlessly, Thermaltake live show makes liquid cooling system so easy!...<more>

[2007-01-23] Superb heatpipe memory cooler for DDR & DDR2 memory module ...<more>
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